Alfalfa Enjoying Some Grass!

Alfalfa Enjoying Some Grass!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alfalfa is Home!

Finally, after almost 11 months, I was able to pick up Alfalfa from my sister's house yesterday. Her daughter changed him name to "Bun Bun." I promised Alfalfa that he would get just as many veggies and fruits as he got at their house. I don't even eat that many. I will have to adjust my diet.

Now everybody is back together again and in a new home!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Pictures!

These are some new pictures of Alfalfa playing with my niece, Natalie, at their home.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Alfalfa's Reading By Sue

My friend, Susan Pipes at:, recently did a reading with Alfalfa to see how he is doing in his new home. This is what he said.


Sensitive feminine energy but has a good sense of self and is confident. Alfalfa seems to be empathic, he knows what you are feeling. When I connected with him he said "where did she go?" He is happy enough but misses the connection you shared. He likes it when it is just you and him together. He feels like he really connects with you.

He likes to eat carrots and has green pellets for food. The hay is a special treat and he likes it. He says "when are you coming home?" by home he means when are you coming back to me. He is taken care of by a woman that is nice to him, she is loving but loves everyone. He likes the special one on one bond. He says that he sees the others (dogs) playing with a ball and although he has touched it he does not "get it" But it looks likes fun.

He says that you will all live together again so you need to have faith. Faith will find you a place, just believe it is there and you are are on a treasure hunt. Our new home is the treasure. He says that he is getting older and needs protection from the elements, cold etc. He says that "if you believe you are a success then you will be" It looks like he sees you with a bit of a confidence issue, so in his words "believe" Act as if it is already there and it will be. You do have some powerful guides working with you so listen carefully and sharply with your intuition.

Alfalfa seems to have the sniffles a bit sometimes, and sneezes.

Alfalfa is a cool rabbit and I enjoyed talking to him, Thank you.


Surgery Was a Success!

Friday, June 19, 2009, Alfalfa was neutered at the Peninsula Humane Society. Eventually I would like to get him a rabbit friend. He does have a lot of human friends and now, Cleo, his new cat friend at my sister's house. I think Cleo is still thinking about the "friend" status. In order for Alfalfa to have a new rabbit friend someday, he has to be neutered or else there would be a bunch of little "Alfs" running around. One Alf is enough.

The surgery also helps to prevent certain common cancers. We all want Alfalfa to have a long and happy life.

He also got his nails clipped, which were super long. And he got microchipped.

Now he is ready to take on the world.

My sister said that Alfalfa loves his carrots. That appears to be his favorite food.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Alfalfa in His New Temporary Home

I finally made the long trip up to Trinity County a couple of weeks ago and picked up Alfalfa and Luna and Gilroy, the budgies. Luna and Gilroy are staying temporarily with a friend in San Carlos, and Alfalfa with staying with my sister, Karen, and her family in San Carlos, also.

Alfalfa has a new hutch and is currently staying inside in their garage until their backyard is finished being landscaped. Then his hutch will be moved outside. The weather is pretty warm there, so there isn't a problem being cold. His new hutch has a separate sleeping area, so he can stay warm.

He has an appointment this Friday at PHS for neutering, microchipping and clipping his nails.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 29, 2009

This is the only picture I have of Alfalfa. He is currently staying with some friends until I can find a place to keep him. He is medium size and the color of a wild rabbit. Sometimes, I wonder if he is a wild rabbit that somebody picked up as a baby. I have not found another rabbit so far that looks like him except for the rabbits I see loose wild in fields.
I got him from a neighbor in my apartment complex in Hayward. They decided that they could no longer keep him and were going to let him loose in the complex. I decided to take him, but I had never had a rabbit before. It was a quick learning process. I knew that rabbits could be litterboxed trained like cats. I started doing Internet searches and found some great resources. They told me about not using clay cat litter since it is toxic to rabbits. They gave the name of several brands to use. Luckily, my local pet store had a few of the choices, and I was able to pick the least expensive. I learned about the type of foods to feed him and about the type of vegetables he might like. His favorite is broccolli and carrots!
He is a very sweet rabbit with a big personality. I would like to get him a bigger habitat with space to run around and hopefully a rabbit friend if that is what he would like.
He and my cat, Mercury get along really well, and appear to have some interesting conversations. However, I don't let Alfalfa and Mercury loose in the same room because Mercury still tends to have "hunting" feelings take over him when Alfalfa is nearby.