Alfalfa Enjoying Some Grass!

Alfalfa Enjoying Some Grass!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Finally figured out a little bit of Alfalfa possible breed

One knowledgeable rabbit person said that he looked like a Dwarf mixed with a Creme D'Argent. I don't have to think he is mixed with a wild rabbit anymore.

Courtesy of Wikipedia:

Creme D'Argent
The Creme D'Argent is a rabbit breed recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. It is similar in appearance to a Champagne D'Argent although slightly smaller, and different in color. The Creme D'Argent has a creme color surface with an orange cast. The undercolor should be a much more vivid orange. The Creme D'Argent is raised primarily for show and meat.

The Creme D'Argent originated in France in the mid- to late-nineteenth century, where they were quite popular for their unusual fur. In the 1920s and 30's, Creme d'Argents were exported to the United States from France, Germany and England. (The first rabbits of the breed were brought to this country in 1924 or shortly before.) Although the breed struggled at first, their lovely coloration appealed to American fanciers.

Today, the Creme d'Argent is a rare breed. The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, an organization devoted to breed preservation, lists the Creme d'Argent on its "Watch" list. At the time of this writing, fewer than 100 Creme d'Argents are registered every year in the United States. Only 43 animals were shown at the 2006 ARBA National Convention & Show.

Appearance and personality
The Creme D'Argent can weigh up to 11 pounds at adulthood. Junior rabbits can weigh up to 8 pounds while an intermediate rabbit may weigh up to 9.5 pounds.

The Creme D'Argent is to have a very deep hind end and full loin. They should have a well rounded top line. The uniqueness of this breed is their color. Near the upper portions of the body they are to be a creamy white color, with orange casting. However, lower portions of the body must exhibit a much richer and brilliant orange color.

Like most large breeds, Creme d'Argents tend to be gentle. However, the prospective owner should be alert for aggressive behavior, especially in females. The majority of Creme d'Argents are friendly and likeable though.

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